The Levantine Prophecy – Reviving The Legacy Of The Land of The Messengers

By Sh Abu Eesa Niamatullah and Sh Abdul Ghaffar al-Somali

We are delighted to finally bring forth the official PG edit of The Levantine Prophecy. Take a journey through the Qur’ān, learn about the importance of Syria and the wider area of al-Shām and visit the lives and relive the messages of the Prophets from the Levant.

This unique presentation was delivered at IlmFest in Manchester. Those that witnessed it live were blown away. PG now brings to you an exclusive edit of that performance in the form of a superb audio product, indeed once you listen to this in full stereo as an audio-only (as originally intended by the presenters of the performance itself) you will soon realise why their experience in such matters is to be taken on board as their first collaboration on The Last Testament so stunningly proved to be.

It’s free to download and we encourage you all to take advantage of this. PG is working with Syria Relief and donations can be made via their website:

We ask that you do not share the downloaded file or upload it to other forums, but instead that you please share this page as much as you can. There is an important message in this presentation that everyone really needs to hear and learn about. “The Levantine Prophecy” was always going to be a charity project dedicated for the Syrians so let’s maximise what we can from it.

Download “The Levantine Prophecy (Mp3 - 128 Kbps)” 47 MB

Download “The Levantine Prophecy (Mp3 - 320 Kbps)” 118 MB

Download “The Levantine Prophecy (High Quality)” 852 MB