» Classes

Our scholars have been teaching sacred knowledge (Shari’ah) in the North West for over twelve years, covering all the traditional sciences at various levels. A list of the previous classes including, where applicable, copies of the texts, notes and translations, are available below.

» Current Classes

A weekly class on Islamic foundational principles, theology, law and ethics based on al-Sharḥ’l-Mumti’ ‘ala Zad’l-Mustaqni’. Taught by Abu Eesa Niamatullah

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Tasheel al-Faraa’id by Shaykh Anis Ghouissem (Arabic/English) every Sunday 10.30am- 13.00am

‘Uddah Sharh ‘Umdah by Shaykh Anis Ghouissem (Arabic/English) every Tuesday 8.30pm – 10:00pm

Shaykh Anis Ghouissem classes are held at:
Markaz al-Bukhary,
206 Burton Rd,
West Didsbury,
M20 2LW
T: 0161 374 6648
E: info@propheticguidance.co.uk

» Previous Texts and Completed Classes

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    ‘Aqīdat’l-Tahawiyyah with its various commentaries (Ustādh Abu Eesa)
    ‘Aqīdat’l-Wasitiyyah with its various commentaries (Shaykh Kehlan)
    ‘Aqīdat’l-Wasitiyyah (Shaykh Anis Ghouissem)

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    Matn Abi Shujā‘ah and Kifāyat’l-Akhyār in Shāfi‘ī Fiqh (Shaykh Kehlan)
    Nūr’l-Basā’ir in Hanbali Fiqh (Ustādh Abu Eesa)
    Mukhtasar al-Qudūri in Hanafi Fiqh (Ustādh Abu Eesa)
    Al-Risālah in Māliki Fiqh (Shaykh Muhammad Eedah in Arabic)

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    Matn Ajrūmiyyah (Ustādh Abu Eesa)
    Madīnan Series (Shaykh Anis Ghouissem)
    Qatr’l-Nadah (Shaykh Anis Ghouissem in Arabic)

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    Sharh al-Waraqāt (Shaykh Kehlan)
    Qawā’id al-Fiqhiyyah (Shaykh Kehlan)
    Taysīr ‘Ilm al-Usūl (Ustādh Abu Eesa)
    al-Itqān fī ‘Ulūm’l-Qur’ān (Shaykh Kehlan)

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    Nukhbat’l-Fikr (Shaykh Kehlan)
    Sharh al-Bayqūniyyah (Shaykh Kehlan)
    Sharh Arbā‘īn al-Nawawiyyah (Ustādh Abu Eesa)
    Fath al-Bāri (Shaykh Kehlan in Arabic)
    Sunan al-Tirmidhi (Shaykh Kehlan in Arabic)

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    Ghidhā al-Albāb (Shaykh Kehlan)
    Madkhal ilal-Mahabbah (Shaykh Kehlan)

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    Tafsīr Juz ‘Amma of Ibn Kathir (Shaykh Kehlan)
    Tafsīr Juz ‘Amma of Various Mufassirīn (Shaykh Kehlan in Arabic)